Below 1.5°C Magazine

Korea Institute of Energy Research x Sloment Design Studio

Double-spread illustration for the essay, “Why Climate Crisis is a Human Rights Crisis,” written by Hyo Je Cho, Professor at Sungkonghoe University in Seoul, South Korea. The story was published in the Fall 2021 Issue of Below 1.5°C Magazine by the Korea Institute of Energy Research.

Hyo Je Cho stresses how climate change is a reality that now affects every part of the world. With its significant threat, indigenous elders, women, children, low-income households, and persons with disabilities have greater exposure to environmental degradation. The inequality that already exists in our society will only get worse.

He emphasizes how our ability to avert the dystopian future will depend on each individual’s effort to uphold the rights of the most at-risk populations of their local communities.

/ 2021

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