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Self Therapy

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Self Therapy picture book

2018 School of Visual Arts Senior Project

36 pages | 20 Illustrations and writings
Designed and Illustrated by Cindy Kang


Approximately 7,600,000,000 people are living on earth and we are all different in the way we look, what we eat and wear, and how we think. Among 7.6 billion people, I am the only one that is ME. However, we tend to assume that others will have the same thoughts and beliefs that we do. This always ends up in disappointment. It is not easy to fully understand the behavior of others or to remain patient all the time as we try to avoid conflict and confrontation. It makes me want to stay alone, even though people I love, and who love me, are always there for me. I have tried so hard to veil my inner thoughts, I hesitated to face them and to talk about them. Being your authentic self is hard. Once you take courage to discover and understand who you are, you will feel content and at peace.


The very first step to Self-Therapy is to let out what is in your mind.
Put it down, face it, and embrace your true self.

I hope this book encourages you to do just that.


We all have a tiny island floating in our minds.
On this island, we lodge ourselves in our psyche,
feeling lonely amid endless ocean.


Maybe, love is all we need.
... and reassurance from the loved ones.


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